Destination Design

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The Garden Path

The Garden Path

Design Journey

A collaborative and iterative process. From client discussions Destination Design creates an accurate picture of your aspirations, needs and challenges, we hear between the lines, and prioritize your projects and goals.

Alignment of the client’s needs and the design process. The proposal process ensures project clarity. We are always willing to listen to your thoughts and concerns. We prepare a personalized design activity guide that outlines project steps and phases that can be executed all at once, or in stages.

Where art meets practicality. Creating beautiful design solutions is our goal. The visualization of design ideas may be sketches, renderings, spec drawings, or material and color boards. Idea iterations and client feedback bring us closer to the best solutions.

The beauty is in the details. Destination Design can have as large or as small of a role in implementation as you would like. We recognize that we all lead busy lives. We can handle time-consuming project management, shopping, ordering, and placement of materials and objects.

We want to see the finished product executed beautifully and to make sure you are satisfied with the result!