Destination Design

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Everyone lives and works differently. Every home and business is different. Achieving your vision of a beautiful, livable space starts with understanding how you live and work. Helping you arrive at your best home or business environment is what we do at Destination Design. We want to see you in a beautiful, relevant interior space. We believe your surroundings have a direct impact on how you live, feel, and work each day. That’s why we take the time to listen and observe from our very first meeting. Whether it’s small changes such as furniture, accessories, new colors, space planning, or new textiles, or it’s a total renovation, we make every part of your space work for you.

For our commercial clients, we think your interior space should work as hard as you do. Whether a retail store, a service business, or an office, we look at your surroundings from the perspectives of you, employees, and customers. Your interior can make a statement that is a direct reflection of your business philosophy, improve your business relationships, and keep your customers coming back.